Experiencing the bright cultures of the world – Celebrating Chinese New Year@RHULMBA

The experience of an international culture started with an exciting celebration. This Chinese New Year is the year of dog. I was mesmerized to feel the bright red colours of celebration used in the Chinese culture, it made me realize how beautiful is the world is with such splendid colours to offer to the mankind.

The event began with savouring the traditional “Hot pot” (an authentic Chinese cuisine) with all our classmates and kind lectures who agreed to share a meal with us and welcome the new year together. What was truly exemplary that even the Chinese food didn’t only have a lot of variety but also various flavours and colours.
Each table was chirping with laughs and excitement to try new food, some trying to use chopsticks for the first time while some were tingling their taste buds with the spicy, buttery and different kinds of sauces. After dinner, we played the traditional game wishing everyone luck, wisdom and grace. We were given a red envelope with some currency they would be passed on as luck for the next year. We tried learning the sweet little messages written on the red envelopes in Mandarin language. We laughed at our peculiar pronunciations and felt warm wishes when we were given the good wishes red envelope.

It was indeed a great experience to explore different flavours of the world and to be a part of the Chinese culture. I thank all my Chinese friends who also made dinner seamless for non-natives and gave us an insight of the importance about traditions of this celebration and made this event successful.
A big thank you to our program Director – Dr. Olga Kravets who made this event possible and has given us all wonderful memories to cherish. I wish everyone a lucky, joyous and prosperous new year.
– Vijay Mali (Class representative), Batch of 2017-18

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