I am ambition – I am AMBA

Today when I recall my decision to choose Royal Holloway over the various offers from MBA program, it reminds me the extensive research I had conducted with my consultant on the Q3 and worldwide ranking portals. As the next best career move, not only was it gratifying to graduate from University of London, but also to become a lifelong member of one the most prestigious MBA accreditation body – Association of MBAs (AMBA). AMBA is one of the three accreditation bodies for an MBA degree to be recognised worldwide. I was grateful to attend one such event of AMBA connect few weeks ago.

The event kick-started with an exciting ice-breaker game to answer 10 questions pertaining to the attendees at the event. From a moment of forcing a sociable smile at each other, to a moment when everyone acclimatised with one another to answer questions of the game. The energy in the room became so contagious that within 10 minutes everyone started networking around to ask if they were students from Brunel University, were the girl who graduated from Imperial or if they knew a person with the name initials ‘I. R.’. I was certain that I made the right choice to take out time from my study schedule to attend a fun-filled networking event as it’s highly unlikely to see suited professionals from different cultures to open within a matter of few minutes.

After the ice-breaker game, the guest speaker, Jessica Rockson, shared her journey as a police officer in London City to a becoming transformation coach by harnessing energy of leadership. It was interesting to understand how situational leadership can be and how important it was to stand back strong after a low moment experienced in day-to-day business operations. The key takeaway from her session was to adopt an attitude of “We always win”! It felt good to be able to participate with my classmate Vijay in the Q&A session conducted after her session.

The event ended by an informative session from Tariro Masukume, AMBA Membership manager highlighting the various benefits of being an AMBA member, AMBA  allows business school alumni to connect and share ideas, participate in free-webinars, give discount to its members on books and reputable journals like Wall Street Journal and to apply for the next better opportunity in the AMBA job bank.


Amongst the various business aspects, I am learning in the MBA program, it is imperate to understand that sometimes ambitions are realised by creating opportunities for one self, and very often excellent opportunities come through social networks and by collaborating with one another. I met various MBA alumni throughout the world and have able to widen my networks. A big thank you to my program director – Olga for encouraging us to give it a go for this event, it was an evening well-spent!



-Sakeynay (Sammy), Batch of 2017-2018

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